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#BookReview Eeny Meeny By M.J.Arlidge 

WOW!! Is all I can say about this book? 
But is it a bad or a good wow? 

Obviously it’s a good fucking wow. 

Let’s get down to the blurb shall we? 

A young couple wakes disorientated, trapped and without food or water. There’s no escape. Instead there’s a gun loaded with a single bullet and a mobile phone with charge enough only to deliver a short
message: when one of you kills the other, the survivor will walk free
Other pairs are soon taken. The victims appear to be chosen at random, but the planning is meticulous. And until DI Helen Grace can establish a connection, a twisted killer will remain out of reach. A breakthrough is elusive, but then the investigation begins to turn full circle . . .

My Thoughts…

DI Helen grace is a fantastic character, she is a straight to the point person. You know from the clues that she has had a troubled life. Aldridge gives us just enough information & backstory about her, which I love. A back story is awesome but I prefer to get to know and see how a main character or characters progress and develop as the book or series goes on. It keeps me going and wanting to find out more about her. I love the short chapters, flashbacks and each chapter telling each of their characters stories. 


Detectives Charlene (Charlie) Brooke’s and Mark Fuller. I really like Charlie I don’t know why i think because she is real. 

DI Grace and the team are hit with a new case, they’re based in a town called Southampton in England. The first two victims have been kidnapped to an undisclosed location and left without any water, food, heat etc. There is no way out. In the middle of the cold floor, They spot a mobile phone with just enough battery left, a gun and one bullet. The phones rings and their kidnapper explains what is expected of them. They only have one way out, one of them must kill the other! A difficult choice. Will they survive and who will comes out alive? As there are more couples murdered.. it seems, all the victims in one way or another is connected or has known DI Helen Grace. 

To some this book may not be suitable especially if you are particularly sensitive to gore. Just a little warning. For me it was a very interesting book, just when you actually think… “yes I’ve fucking got it!!” The book just smirks at you and says nope, not today solider. It is fast paced with loads of twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout. 

     My Rating:


About the author: Matthew Arlidge is an English author of crime novels starring DI Helen Grace. He has also worked in television for the last fifteen years specializing in high-end drama production.

Grab the book here: Amazon UK | Amazon USA | GoodReads 

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