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#Novella Review – I am Terry Walker

This will be a short review as I don’t want to include ANYTHING that could spoil things for my beautiful bookish readers. I don’t do spoilers here.

Title: I am Terry Walker 
Author: Skye Andrews 

Publisher: Xlibris 

Publishing Date: 7 July 2017 

Format: Hardback and E-Book 

Synopsis: I Am Terry Walker is about a serial killer who uses torture methods to kill his victims. For two decades, he remained anonymous. This is his story. 

This is Skye Andrews first Novella and her first introduction into the book world also Thank you for providing the novella and asking me to review it.

Congratulations on your first Novella. 

My thoughts… 

Okay I have confession to make, this is my first novella. I know,I know!! 🙈

So this is a novella about a serial killer who tortures his victims in a wide range of ways. 

This book is told from ‘Terry Walker’s‘ point of view but we get to have glimpse into his life and how this serial killer works, he uses old torture methods. He was a 54 year old and was active for two decades.

It’s gruesome, terrifying and very intriguing. 

He wants to be a famous serial killer  who is famous for his methods in which he kills. 

This novella actually taught me a few things that, I didn’t already know. One of my favourite parts of being a book worm, is reading & learning at the same time. 

It is fast-paced so it is fantastic when you have little time but fancy reading. I highly recommend it! 

       My Rating…


Author Bio: Skye Andrews lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and this is her first book. She has started writing a second one and hopes there will be a series of these ideas books. The next book ‘living with the torture killer’ will hopefully be out next year. 

Don’t forget to buy it here… 

Amazon 🇺🇸 | Barnes & Noble | xlibris

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4 thoughts on “#Novella Review – I am Terry Walker

    1. I don’t think so. But it’s very interesting. She is writing her second one which will follow on from this but told from someone’s else’s point of view. The torture methods was so interesting x

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