Review Policy



I am currently accepting reviews (see genres below).

I will accept E-Arcs, Paperback Arcs, Finished and Audio books,

I will also accept some ARCS or finished books from self-published and Indie authors.

I will accept books from small and big publishing companies. 

I will accept the genres below:

| Crime |Thrillers|Mystery | Suspense |  Romance |General fiction|Women Fiction |Non-fiction|Young adult | Short Stories | True Life Events & Crime | Drama |Classic |Humor |memoir |

What I won’t read:

Horror |Politics | Religion | Poetry | Self-Help |

Will I review your book/s?

Yes, most definitely if I have the time and the book suits me.

Will I Consider Series?

Yes but please provide the first book as well. So I can understand the story line etc

might be able to review both books in the series if I have time, But if not I will be reviewing the book you requested for me to review.

Where will I review the books?

You will find all my reviews on my Blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook page, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

What is your time frame?

Two weeks to four weeks, if you have a deadline, we can discuss a time frame which will suit us both.

The Exception being ARC (Advanced Readers Copy)E- ARC will be posted near to or on publication day.

If the book is part of a BLOG TOUR, The review will be posted when it is my day to post.

What if you don’t like the book?

I will inform the author/publisher and explain why and what I don’t like about the book etc. But even if I don’t like the book, I will focus on the good and what I DID and DID NOT like about the book in my review.

My Ratings 

    5/5  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Absolutely Fucking Awesome, You need this book! Put this on your bookshelf. Highly Recommend!

     4/5 💛💛💛💛

I flipping loved it! Really good book,  I would recommend!

  3/5  💚💚💚

I liked it! It’s Pretty Good.

2/5 💙💙

Meh, It was okay!

1/5 💜

Unfortunately, I Didn’t like this book at all!!  Skip It!

DNF – Did not finish. This is very very rare.

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Thank You.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m always free to answer any questions, you may have.

For more ways to contact me, visit the contact page.